Leave Your Yardwork to the Pros in Birmingham, AL

Leave Your Yardwork to the Pros in Birmingham, AL

We specialize in lawn maintenance and landscape design

You may love having a big yard, but you might not enjoy the lawn maintenance that comes with it. It's OK to get help with your outdoor work. Just call Red Mountain Outdoor Services in Birmingham, Alabama. As part of our lawn maintenance and landscape design services, we'll cut your grass, edge your lawn, and spread mulch around your garden.

Let's chat about your landscape design needs. Call Red Mountain Outdoor Services at 205-568-7307 today.

We'll handle your landscape design

Keeping your lawn looking fresh and under control will be easy with Red Mountain Outdoor Services. We will consult with you for the design of your landscaping to achieve your desired lawn. No project is too big or too detailed when you work with us. Expect efficiency and great care in all variety of services we offer, not limited to flower bed installation, weeding and spraying, fertilizing, bush trimming, and aerating. Here are just a few reasons you'll be glad you call us:

  • You'll save time by spending less time working in the yard and more time enjoying it.
  • You'll save money by relying on a detail-oriented landscaper.
  • You'll have a beautiful yard year-round.

We'll make sure your yard looks its best. Call 205-568-7307 now to schedule this service.