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Offering comprehensive landscaping and excavation services in Birmingham, AL

Got a pile of leaves you want to get rid of? Need to clear your yard before starting a home addition? Take the hard work off your plate by turning to Red Mountain Outdoor Services. Our experienced contractors will take care of all of your landscaping and excavation needs.

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Clear your hunting grounds of fire hazards

As a former firefighter, our owner saw his share of brush fires on undeveloped land. So when he started his own landscaping company, he discovered different ways to remove overgrown shrubs and dead leaves effectively. Today, residents around the Birmingham, AL area call us to clear their properties without tearing up the land-by grinding the debris into organic mulch.

Visit our Forestry Mulching page now to learn more about our unique excavation services.

Expect more from your lawn care company

Red Mountain Outdoor Services was founded to do more than mow lawns. Since we live and work in Birmingham, AL, we look for ways to help local residents in ways that other companies can't. Here's what we can do for you:

  • We'll help you keep up with the Joneses. Having a beautiful yard is effortless when you rely on us for professional landscaping services.
  • We'll prep your construction site quickly. As part of our excavation services, we'll dig up boulders, tree roots and shrubs that are in your way.
  • We'll put your yard debris to good use. Instead of taking your tree limbs and leaves to the dump, we can grind them into organic mulch.

Our owner has been in the landscaping business for most of his life, so he knows how to meet his clients' unique needs. Get in touch with him by calling 205-568-7307 today.